Our Legal Services

In our Client-Partner relationship, we listen with compassion to understand our clients, their business, its corporate culture so as to better equip our clients for the ever-evolving complex environments and provide winning solutions while mitigating the risks.



Training is an integral part of the firm’s practice. We believe in better equipping our clients in the manner they manage their organization, advising and addressing issues in their operations. Over the years we have conducted training for several of our clients in the areas of Insurance, Employment, Banking & Commercial law and Construction Law.

Some of the topics we have covered

  • Understanding the Employment Laws of Brunei Darrussalam
  • Safeguarding your company’s interest in commercial transactions
  • The role of the Industrial Court
  • Assessing documents for Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
  • Understanding Termination, Retrenchment & Redundancy
  • The role of Adjusters in Motor Vehicle Claims Investigations
  • Risk Assessment on Property & Banking Security Documentation
  • Recovery Rights of Financial Institutions for Abandoned Projects
  • The Amendments To Improve The Housing Delivery System
  • The Architect's Duty Of Care

Notarial Services


We offer Notary Public services for attestation and notarisation of documents in Malaysia. We are a firm which has been providing a wide range of legal services in the bustling business hubs of Malaysia.

Notaries Public are internationally recognised witnesses whose primary functions include the authentication and attestation of documents to be used overseas and locally (when necessary) The service is essential for the certification of documents namely identity cards, passports and certificates. In addition, the attestation is essential in the transfer of properties and estate and probate matters and any other legal matters beyond the jurisdiction of Malaysian Law.

The benefit for such a service is that it saves an individual time and the cost of travel of attending to the matter personally overseas
Please contact Mr William Balasingam at +60125050713 for more information.
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